Sunday, March 02, 2008

FO: Baby Ommmm

Ok, so it still isn't dry from blocking, and it needs a button at the back of the neck, but close enough, its done. :) Pattern: Baby Om by Fawn Pea, size 0-3 months. This is for my cousin, who is due in April. Started Feb. 15, finished Feb. 29.

Yarn: Peruvian Baby Silk by Elann in Parchment and Cedar, held double throughout. This yarn is a mix of alpaca and silk - its very nice, and not too badly priced. But I can't say I'd use it again - I think the drops Alpaca yarn is just as good, and better value for money (especially for my non-fibre sensitive hands that can't feel the difference that the added silk is supposed to make). The pattern calls for six balls of the main colour (which you wind together into 3 balls), and 2 of the contrast. I have almost 2 balls of the green left, and 1 of the white. So keep an eye out for the hat and (maybe) socks that I will soon be making to accompany this jumper.

f.pea made up this pattern up as she went, and cautions that there may be some mistakes with it. I didn't see any real mistakes, but I think there are some things that could've been done differently, to make this a little more straightforward. Like the lotus blossom, for example - its supposed to be intarsia, but I just swiss darned (a.k.a. duplicate stitch) it in. As glitrgirl pointed out, fair-isle technique would work too. I also had issues putting the sleeves in, because they're not set in, just tacked on the sides of the straight-edged front and back. I also think that I should've knit the bottom half of the sweater in the round, and then separated the front and back to add in the design... I'm going to be using that method for the Gathered Pullover that I'm working on now, so maybe I'll be able to do that for future jumpers as well. My other concern is the width of the wrists - I sure hope this is going to be one of those long and skinny kids! :)

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glittrgirl said...

OOoh! I love that Gathered Pullover pattern!