Thursday, March 13, 2008


On the weekend, much of Eastern Canada got hit with a huge snowstorm - in Ottawa they got over 50cm of snow!

Mike sent me some photos from around our house... (they were taken on a camera phone, so they're a bit pink)

Here's the backyard, pre-digging out. As you can see, the snow is as high as an elephant's eye... I mean, the tires of our Golf. Oh, and there's supposed to be a 5ft fence to the left of the car, which has a line of cedar bushes running alongside it.

2 hours later...

And the front street, with 6-foot wide snowbanks. Some of the larger streets ended up with a whole lane blocked by the snow... even 4 days later, all the snow hasn't been taken away!

its photos like this that make me happy I'm in England right now! :)

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Anonymous said...

So happy to live in the West of Canada

The Daffodills are starting to bloom.

Bye from Mom