Sunday, March 09, 2008

Knitting weekend in Beadnell

This weekend, we went on our second annual knitter's retreat in Beadnell, in the same 'cottage' as last year. Although the weather forecast was a little ominous, we actually ended up with some nice weather - a little cold and windy, but at least the sun was out!

I love the look of stormy skies over the ocean!

Frobisher loved the strong winds, and kept trying to fly in the wind... good thing there were lots of obstacles to get in his way and stop him from going too far!

Hannah brought along some fibre so some of us could have a go at making felt
Frobisher used it as an opportunity to see how he would look with a moustache
We took a number of walks around the village and the beaches on Saturday, before and after felting. Somehow, we always manage to walk on the sandy beach when the tide is coming in!
This is the church at the centre of the village. Right next door is the pub where we had yummy Saturday dinner.

Mmmm... Hannah's Lamb shank looked really good

Here's Frobisher with his beer
and Frobisher with less of his beer
(we had to confiscate it after a while, because he wouldn't stop dancing on the banquette!)

On Sunday, we stopped in Alnmouth on our way back to town. We had tea at the Tea Cozy Tea Shop,

and then took a walk on their beach
We left just as the rain was coming back!

It was a great weekend ladies - we'll have to do it again sometime! :)


pinkphish said...

I <3 Frobisher!


wow, what brilliant pics Glenda! Can't believe a year has gone by since we were last in Beadnall going crazy with Bedlam game! Missing you all heaps, Helen x