Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Beach Day the second! :)

We all know how rare it is for Sunny days and Bank Holidays to coincide, so when we realised that this past Monday's weather forecast was for sunshine, we couldn't pass it up!

So we all jumped into Kev's car and headed up the coast to Craster.

The objective of our mission was to walk up to Dunstanburgh Castle (you can see it there, on the point north of the village...
this is how it looks from the ground), and then loop around the back, through the fields and back to the car.

But then we got distracted by the ocean and the sheep, and the ice cream...
oh look! there's Jeeves bringing my boat down to Newcastle for me!

I swear this lamb did this by himself - I think he wants to star in the next sequel to Babe.

Don't believe the t-shirt - the cider lolly on the right was his favourite! (so says I, who had one of those too)

If only all our sunny days could be spent like that, rather than being cooped up at Uni all day!

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