Monday, September 15, 2008

Shower/Hen Party weekend

This weekend my friends Amelia (also my bridesmaid) and Tara held my wedding shower and my bachelorette party - the shower was on Saturday afternoon, and the bachelorette party was Saturday night.
The shower was really nice - especially because my Mom secretly flew out from Vancouver to attend! Mom flew to Montreal on Friday night to stay with my Auntie Dot, and then they both drove up on Saturday morning.
(that's Mom on the right - I'm not sure why she's looking away from the camera!)

After the shower we went home to change, and then Amelia, Tara, and I headed out for some dinner and dancing...

After a looooong dinner, we hit a martini bar, and then a very sketchy bar which was so classy that there ended up being not one, but TWO flies floating in my drink... eventually, we ended up in a much more appropriate, 25's and over club called the Velvet Room.
Amelia had made me a list of tasks to complete, although I was pretty bad at doing them...
Tara had to go find this bald guy so I could kiss his head

Then we had to borrow a pen from the waitress so I could have someone give me this 'tattoo'

Eventually, Amelia ended up helping me out with the rest of the tasks:
She looks much better in that veil than I did anyway! :)

There were a few other bachelorette parties there, although I think this one had a much more creative guest list:

Toward the end of the night, we called in the gentlemen re-inforcements (aka Ryan and Mike) and then headed off to the Elgin Street Diner for some late-night munchies. Gotta love that poutine! (not that I was up for it after all those martinis - I just mooched off Mike's plate!)
(thanks to for the photo)


pinkphish said...

I'm so disapointed you didn't all dress up as fairys or pink ladies or any of the other really imaginative outfits we see people arrive at the station wearing on a Saturday morning.
Looks like a lovely night. How long 'till the wedding now?


looks like a very fun hen night! And rather tasteful compared to usual Toon style as Pink Phish has noted. However, I can go one better than the flies story, our local pub in West end of Newcastle once served Kenny a pint of Brown Ale with a mouse turd clinging to the side of the glass. We didn't go back.

The Knit Nurse said...

Inviting your fiance to the hen doo. That's against the rules isn't it??? Looks like fun. x

Anonymous said...

Um... the caption for your mom and your aunt is wrong - your mom is on the right.

Glenda said...

Oops... yes, my mom is on the right in that photo... I do know my left and right, its just saying which one I mean that I tend to have problems with! (just ask Mike about me giving him directions when we're driving places!) :)