Monday, September 15, 2008

Podcast question

Quick question before I get to my other posting...  does anyone know of a good podcast-following program other than iTunes?  I'm trying my hardest not to install that evil program (I went off them when I bought a few songs from the iTunes store, only to find out that I can't play the songs on my non-iPod mp3 player!).


ETA: PS, I need something that will run on Vista!  (and no, vista is not as terrible as everyone says!)

ETA 16/09/08: Thanks for the suggestions - I tried Juice (formerly known as iPodder), but couldn't get it to work on Vista despite all the "fixes" that are mentioned on the net... I'm now using Mediafly which (so far) seems really good!


glittrgirl said...

I used to use winamp on the PC I had....

pinkphish said...

I used to use Juice- (back in the days it was ipodder). I remember being pretty happy with it.
I'm iTunes-less at the moment. I've just been following the podcast blogs in google reader and then manually downloading the files and dropping them onto my phone.

DaviMack said...

I'm no help, but I must say: Vista is as bad as everyone says. ;)