Friday, September 12, 2008


Yesterday I made Sushi.

I had all these great aspirations to photograph the process and post them here for your enjoyment...  All the washing of the rice before cooking it, the mixing of the sushi vinegar (as per this recipe on Just Hungry, one of my new favourite cooking blogs!), and the cooling of the rice/sushi vinegar mix with my handy-dandy hair dryer - I had to do it, its in the instructions! ;) 
And that's not even counting all the real fun of rolling up the sushi rolls!

but the whole process was so involving, that I only managed this one photo of the fixin's, as they waited to be made into sushi:
In the end, there were too many fixin's and not enough rice, so most of them ended up as a very impromptu salad.  Yummy!

(The sushi we had for dinner was pretty good too!)

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DaviMack said...

It looks like a yummy salad, at least. :)