Thursday, September 04, 2008

Yay for Claudia!

There was a suprise parcel in my mailbox today!

Apparently, Claudia thinks I've been slacking off lately, cause she sent me a little motivation to keep working on my thesis in the midst of all this other wedding craziness!
I think I'm going to call him Pops, because he reminds me of the tootsie pop owl from the tv ad:

The parcel also contained fun socks - cause you can never have too many! :)
But these are even better, cause they've got Robots on! how cool!

Thanks Claudia! These are great!

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those robots look just like the ones in Flight of the Concords Robot song (you can download the vid for free in Itunes, it's hilarious!)

And I LOVE your owl! It's going to be vying with Lucy's elephant for my 'favourite knitted toy of the summer'.