Sunday, November 30, 2008

BOB has arrived!

To mark the first of advent, the boys decided that it is time to get BOB out of the cupboard. Not an easy task, since they are all much shorter than the tree, but they made a good effort!

Well, except Jacques Gough who had to mark the tree in true poodle style

You probably missed Larry's departure yesterday (Glenda was too drunk to take any photos) and with Forbisher already packing his bags for friday, Wilson was getting very depressed and worried about being on his own again.
So we invited WILMA, the three eyed pirate into the house:

Wilson liked her straight away. Can't wait to see their kids!!!!

But back to the tree:

The boys got soo excited about Bob, that they decided to pose as the tree decoration

Wislon and Wilma sneeked away for a bit of quiet time in the branches

With all this fun, WallE did not want to be excluded, so he got his own decoration:

Now all that is missing are the presents under the tree.....

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Enid said...

did you have fun setting up for the pics

I did looking at 'em