Sunday, December 07, 2008

there's snow place like home

When the snow fell in Newcastle last weekend, Wilma and Wilson snuck outside for a snowball fight.

Frobisher wasn't up in time to play with them, so then he started trying to be all nonchalant about how the snow in Newcastle wasn't anything like the real snow we get back here in Ottawa.

Of course the real reason Frobisher didn't join the snowball fight was because he was too hungover from drinking too much sherry on Sunday night...
He and Wilma met this hip little robin, and Frobisher couldn't help but drink his stockings off in a desperate attempt to impress them! Silly Frobisher!

But now that we're back in Ottawa, Frobisher thinks he much prefers the Newcastle version of snow - sure, the city is pretty rubbish at clearing the streets and pavements, but its nothing compared to the stuff we have to shovel here. Mike is flying out to California today, so Hudson dragged Frobisher out this morning to help clear last night's snow fall out of the driveway...

Oh, and here's a couple of photos of the view from the airplane on Friday. That "your plane is now here" map thingie wasn't working, so I'm not sure which part of Canada this is, but its somewhere on the Eastern coast, right where the ocean meets the land...

Lots and lots of snow and ice, but not the slightest hint of civilization. These are the kinds of views which remind you just how big (and empty) Canada really is! :)

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