Wednesday, December 10, 2008

(il)logical debate

Last night it snowed. Lots and lots of snow. And of course, having spent far too long away from the land of ice and snow, it didn't actually occur to me to go out and dig snow before bed, so that there would be less to dig out in the morning... As a result, this is what my poor car looked like this morning:

Mike has been away on business for the week, and of course today just had to be the day that he was coming home, so I needed to be at the airport for 10:30am to pick him up. (I think its very possible that I may have insulted the snow gods at some point, and they are now taking their revenge!) Hudson and Frobisher said they'd help me dig out the car and driveway, so we all suited up and headed out.

Except, once the boys saw how much snow was actually there, they promptly went on strike!

It's not fair, they argued, that they should have to dig out snow that's deeper than they are tall! They demonstrated by jumping into the snow behind the car.
So in the end, I had to do it all myself! I think I'm going to use this arguement soon too, once the snow banks in our back and front yards become taller than me! How can I dig out the driveway, when the 'storage' pile where I'm supposed to put the snow becomes taller than me?! :) (it happened last year, I'm sure it will happen again!)

I think I'm now justified in quitting work early this afternoon, and going back to knitting Christmas stockings!

PS: I'm working on a craft (which you will see soon) that has left me with a large pile of brown felted yarn scraps.
Any suggestions on a Christmas craft that I could do with my 3.5 and 1.5 year-old nephews that might put these to good use? :)

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Anonymous said...

Loved the Christmas stockings. Come to Vancouver and you can have the same experience with the snow. UGH UGH