Monday, November 03, 2008


As Glittrgirl pointed out the other day, there is some debate in the UK about which mid-fall celebration is better: Halloween or Guy Fawkes Day. Here in Canada, we don't get that choice - its Halloween or nothing at all. Not that I'm complaining - Bonfire night is fun, but I think it really comes down to what you grew up with. Personally, Halloween is my favourite holiday - the following is just a sampling of why that is! :)

First, you get the costume-making. This year our nephews Owen and Felix dressed up as Captain Hook and Peter Pan. Buying costumes is no fun, so Tara and I headed off to the local Value Village (a large-scale chain of charity shops that specialises in Halloween costumes & accessories).

Owen's Hook costume involved a ladies red blazer, some lace, a turtleneck, a hat, and some yarn.
here's me modeling the modified blazer... (it fits so well, I may have to be Captain hook next year!)
Captain Hook's hair:
And Owen modeling the accessories:
(come back in a few days for the final costumes - I have to get the photos from Tara!)

When the costumes were finished, it was time for treats! Owen had a party with his preschool, and Mike needed muffins for work, so of course I couldn't pass up the chance to do a little baking!(ignore the mess - what you see here is the almost the full extent of my kitchen counter space, minus a little extra on the other side of the sink...)

For Owen's class, we made werewolf cubby cakes (ok, maybe we deviated just a little):

Later that day, for Michael's work, I made two kinds - Things that go 'bump' in the night:
and my favourite, bright pink Brain Muffins:
Mmmmm.... yummy brains!
(these were made using the easter egg pan seen in the photo above)

I think my favourite part of this year's Halloween fun was a last minute costume project for Dave, Owen and Felix's dad. See if you can guess what it was...

It started at about 9am on Halloween morning with a few craft supplies (and coffee... the best crafts always involve coffee!) - brown paper, a box, an exacto knife, some watered-down PVA glue (known as white school glue over here), and a few other bits and pieces...
I dove in and got started on a little cutting, a bit of stapling, some moulding of this fabulous semi-shredded packing paper that came with a wedding gift (thanks Elizabeth!), and some paper mache-ing...

can you guess what it is yet?what about now? :)

Here's the final product:In keeping with the Peter pan theme, Dave went as Tick-tock the crocodile (the one who ate Hook's hand and then swallowed a clock, and now he's identifiable by the ticking sound he makes). Excuse my moment of self-appreciation, but I love the way this turned out! :) (Its designed to sit on your head, with the snout tucked under your nose to keep it on straight - photos soon!)

Now that Halloween is over, the head is at Dave and Tara's, waiting to be mounted on the kids' bedroom wall - here's hoping someone wants to go as a dinosaur for halloween next year! :)

See, you can't have this much fun with Guy Fawkes day! (or can you? maybe I should start celebrating both holidays?!)

But now I have to go pack since my flight to Newcastle (via London) leaves at 10pm tonight. I'll see (some of) you at the Bridge on Tuesday night! :)

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