Saturday, November 08, 2008

cable access in the making

"They knit, and bake. And knit and bake and knit.
Knit, knit, knit, bake, bake bake.
Its the Glenda and Claudia Show!"**

So this weekend (and the last few days!) have been all about knitting and food. One week of me living at Claudia's, and already we've managed to get her housemate Reia to pick up her needles again after several years of not knitting! :)

Here's Reia knitting Francois Lobster's tail. If you're going to start knitting again after a long absence, why not start with a lobster?!

And here's all three of us about half an hour ago, happily sitting in the knitting room watching X-Factor (or was it CSI by this point?).
Earlier today was the food part. For breakfast, we had yummy brioche french toast with pomegranate seeds. Then, after knitting at the Centurion we headed out the seaside for fish and chips:
Claudia ate the chips, Maisy had the fish.

The fish and chips fuelled us to get back on the metro and go to Ring a Rosie (the site goes live next week) so that Claudia could order yarn for about 3 projects... (don't believe her - I am NOT a yarn enabler! Its not my fault that she's able to finish a tunic-length sweater in 3 days and then needs to start another project!). And yes, I bought yarn too, but I can't talk about that here.

The Glenda and Claudia show continues tomorrow, featuring a visit from our 'new-knitter' character Reia. Tune in to see some yummy baking and dinner making, and to learn a few new German swear words when Claudia realises that she's short of yarn for the sweater she's making (its on order but its very possible that her work's mail people are holding it hostage)!

Now, who knows a tv producer so we can actually get this show on the air! :)

** This song was running through my head when I woke up this morning. Should I be worried?

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The Knit Nurse said...

I want to come to your house. Graeme is no fun. He refuses to take part in either the knitting or the baking. Just lazy if you ask me. :)