Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Frobisher and Wilson Show

Hi there - Frobisher here. I don't know what Glenda told you yesterday about how she and Claudia were going to bake and knit and make fun food today, but I'm here to set things straight before this gets all out of hand.

Today, it was Wilson and I who did all the cooking and baking - Glenda and Claudia spent all day in the knitting room, knitting and frogging and making us bring them sushi and brownies and tea and coffee and things. Just because they're bigger, they think they can get away with anything!

See, first Claudia made Wilson and me bake brownies, all by ourselves. So not fair, since baking is not so easy when you don't have opposable thumbs. Case in point, this is what happened when Wilson tried to take the eggs out of the fridge...And then Claudia got all annoyed when she had to clean it up. But it wasn't Wilson's fault - Claudia startled him by coming in to ask for a cup of coffee!

Anyway, after that we melted the chcolate and mixed the batter, and then poured it into the panWilson stole the beaters to lick them clean as I was pouring the batter - he's such a greedy bear!

This guy helped us make sure the brownies didn't burn. Turns out he's the cousin of the orange robot timer that now lives at Glenda's place in Ottawa. Small world, eh?Anyway, once the brownies were baked, we made a caramel topping and poured it over the brownies and some pecans.
We were just sitting down to relax when, the girls started demanding sushi for dinner. (they never give us a break around here!) So we made some rice, mixed in this package of sushi rice flavour, and cut up all the veggies.
At that point the girls came in and took over the rolling - typical, we do all the work, they show up only for the fun parts!We did manage to get our hands on one roll, through a little scheming and some quick moves. But then we had to sit and watch as they finished the rest of them.In the end, there was too much sushi for the girls to eat themselves. Wilson and I would've been happy to eat up the rest, seeing as we weren't allowed to have any at first, but no-ooo, Claudia and Glenda want to take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow so we didn't get any. So not fair! :( I think me and Wilson will have to launch a covert sushi-liberation movement tonight!

oops... gotta run. Glenda is looking for her computer, and I'm not supposed to be blogging without supervision! Apparently Reia needs to see how to make the legs for her lobster - like that's more important than my blogging! really, some people!

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The binge knitter said...

You guys seem to have tons of fun:) I am really enjoying these posts! Keep them coming!