Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C

Today was cookie day here at Chez Claudia. Except Postman Pat hasn't brought the cool cookie cutters yet, so we were forced to use the Christmas-shaped cutters. :(

Frobisher and Wilson and their friend Larry came along to help out... rolling out the dough,

Cutting out the cookies,and then placing them on the tray for baking.Then we had to have a coffee (and marzipan Stollen) break, because of all the hard work.Keeping Frobisher away from the raw dough is a difficult task!

Once the cookies were baked, we put them aside to cool. For lunch we made veggie haggis with 'neeps and taties. mmm... Frobisher's favourite!Later in the afternoon, we finally got round to decorating the cookies...don't be fooled by this photo - Claudia did most of the work! :)
And now, here's Claudia to tell you a little story before bed.

One day, Paleface was walking through the idyllic fairy-tale forest...
He was so mesmerized by the beautiful hedgehog that he didn't hear the branches snapping as something snuck up behind him.
He was therefore taken by surprize when Buster Bear burst out from behind the bark of the birch tree. BOOFF! BANG! BAM! BOFFO!
Luckily, just at that moment, Whatsherface left the local picnic spot to go and find a place to pee.
After a shriek of surprise, she pulled out her cool new mobile phone and called an ambulance. Which was actually unnecessary because her hysteric scream of fright pulled the needles off the trees and the hedgehog, and alarmed Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) who was also picnicing nearby.
Dr. House saved Paleface, but refused to accept any glory for his actions (he even sorted out the hedgehog!). He left the scene before we were able to get a photo of him in action.


(Don't worry, no cookies were harmed in the making of this story!)

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The Knit Nurse said...

I love the hedgehog made out of a bell. It worries me that you made a cookie of Dr House.