Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fair fa' your honest, sonsie face, Great chieftain o' the pudding-race!*

Today is Robbie Burns day, which of course required that we have Haggis for Sunday Lunch!
(The yorkshire puddings were added in just because we like them!)

Claudia doesn't eat meat, so we had MacSween's Finest Vegetarian Haggis.  
Here it is, piping hot, waiting to be sliced open.  Alas, we forgot the bit where you're supposed to put it on a platter and parade it through the dining hall, accompanied by bagpipes.  The flat isn't big enough anyway, and I can't imagine the neighbours would've appreciated the effort if we took it into the street.  :)

Eating the yummy haggis gave me the energy I needed to finish the socks I've been making for Claudia - I started them last November, and they've been sitting here waiting for me to get back from my Christmas vacation!

But now that they're done, just look how fun they are!  :)
The one with the purple flower on the toe already has its sole sewn on, to make it a proper pair of slippers.  The other one will get one too, just as soon as Claudia gets around to it.  :)

And, this is Finished Object #1 for 2009 - what a cool project to be the first of the year!

If you want to know the details of yarn, etc., go check the ravelry page.  As Helen says, only the knitting nerds (you know who you are!) are interested, and they can get all the info on ravelry anyway, so there's no point in writing it all twice!  :)

but now I need to go finish another project, so I have more fun things to post!  :)

* From Address to a Haggis, by Robbie Burns.


DaviMack said...

Happy Burns Day!

We couldn't FIND the veggie haggis this year, and were ... well, left with the option of making it for ourselves, or skipping. Not feeling creative, we skipped. Ahh, well.

Those are fabulous socks. :)

Tiffany said...

Wow, those are awesome socks/slippers/booties! Great job.

And those yorkshires look goooood! I wish I was eating one with roast beast and gravy right now...


glittrgirl said...

Tag! Meme alert - visit the blog to find out more....