Sunday, April 19, 2009

fizzy pink meese

Meese* pasta (from Ikea, who'd have thought?!) and pink champagne - how can you go wrong with that?
On Friday, Jo and I mixed these meesses with creme fraiche, smoked trout, fresh basil, sliced mini courgettes, and a bit of onion.  And then we topped it off with a nice green salad.  And of course, pink champagne to drink!  :)
(sorry for the blur, the steam was fogging up my camera lens!)

not much else going on here - lots of work, a bit of knitting, and some yummy meals to keep up the energy.  Oh, and this very pretty flower that just bloomed in my kitchen:

Oh, one last question - what's the deal with the barley in Robinson's Fruit & Barley squashes?  I mean, its yummy and all, but what's the point of it being in there?!

*If you can have one goose, and many geese, then clearly you must also get to have one moose and many meese!  :)


Anonymous said...

I think that flower is an amaryllis (sp). I might have the pronunciation of the flower wrong. It usually is used as an Easter flower because that is about the time of year that it blooms. More recently though they are also using it as a Christmas flower as the greenhouses can change the time of the bloom. Gosh you sure are living a good life. Lots of nice cooking I am happy for you

kiki said...

I think it must be a variant of Circe's potion.