Monday, April 27, 2009


On the bus home today, the 15 year old-ish boy next to me put away his fancy schmancy iTouch, and pulled out a proper old-school, first generation Nintendo Game Boy.

I was so impressed by his retro-coolness that I almost asked him what game he was playing.  And it suddenly hit me that any such conversation would involve me using the words "when I was your age...",  or, more precisely - and this is SO much more painful to admit - "about 20 years ago (when I was 9, and had one of those)".

I don't think I'm ready to feel this old.  Please can I be 23 again?


DaviMack said...

If it wasn't Mario Bros, it wasn't the real deal. ;)

Flossie said...

I have that problem now I'm a Brownie leader. I often say to the girls, 'when I was a Brownie...' and the girls ask, 'when was that?' Er, twenty years ago. Eek.