Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Sushi!

On Saturday, Jo, my "landlord" Anna-Marie (also Jo's very good friend), Frobisher, and I had a little sushi and champagne extravaganza.  It started out that we wanted to do something fun for dinner, to celebrate Anna's and Jo's belated birthdays, and the fact that Anna was actually back in town again - albeit momentarily.  And since Anna had never made sushi before, we had to show her how.

Enter a quick visit to 4 different Asian markets, and a quick stop at Asda for the rest of the necessities...  and then, a few hours and a great big mess in the kitchen later, and voilà, a huge sushi meal!
tempura veggies, smoked salmon nigri, pork sui mai, loads of sushi, and a little champagne to wash it all down!

Frobisher has been feeling left out a little recently, so he insisted on helping us out.
he's actually pretty good at using the nigri rice mold, for a bear, at least...

but then he disappeared for a while... only to be found later, drinking all our champagne!

On Sunday, we spent the day lounging in the garden, enjoying the sunshine - and the leftover sushi - and doing a little knitting.  Here's the Knitting Bag Princess, Jo, after we came back in (note the daisy chain crown, marking the official start of summer - and the first one of those I've made since I was about 12!)
Later that night, we made roast gammon with 7 vegetables for dinner, for us and for Jo's dad...  and then we had yummy baked rhubarb cheesecake for dessert!   :)
I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend! 

ps: did you notice anything odd about how Mike looks in that last post?  Take a closer look, and then compare his stance with this photo...  I thought for sure that someone would at least catch on with that comment about the efficiency of the Royal Mail...  I guess maybe I'm a better photoshopper than I thought!  :)

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