Friday, October 30, 2009

Ottawa, Part 1

Mike's mother's birthday was last Wednesday. To mark the occasion - it being a significant age birthday, we held a surprise party for her on Saturday night. The planning for this had been in the works for some time, so Mike and I were able to tell his mom that Mike had to come to Ottawa for work, and that I was tagging along just to come see family. This excuse became even more viable when it turned out that my dad was going to be in Ottawa that same weekend, to attend the AGM of one of his Vintage Motorcycle clubs. Add to that the fact that our newly fixed and re-upholstered antique armchair - given to us some time ago by Mike's grandmother - was also going to be ready that weekend, and we had the perfect excuse to drive up to Ottawa for a week. Here we go with part one of our adventures in Ottawa...

We left NYC on Thursday evening. Rather than stop for dinner at a fast-food joint, we chose the locally owned, greasy-spoon diner option and ended up at this place - the Montecello Diner. It was perfect - formica tabletops and vinyl booths down one side, chrome and vinyl stools at the bar on the other side, and the most amazing diner-style cherry pie for dessert! :)
(sorry for the fuzzy zoom - I took this with my phone's camera)

On Friday night, Dave and Tara had us over for dinner along with some other friends and family. Here's Lisa hanging out with little Emmett (would you believe he's only 3 and bit months old?!)

Ryan made the mashed potatoes...
And here we are after dinner... minus the 3 Delage boys.

The surprise party for Mike's mom was on Saturday night. Never have I seen someone trying so hard to ruin her own surprise party by asking too many questions, and not just letting the subject drop. I think the mistake was that one of the boys had suggested she keep Saturday open, but then when no group-family plans were forthcoming, she just couldn't let the subject drop, and accept the fact that she and her boyfriend would be going out to dinner alone.

Here's Cindy shortly after she came into the restaurant where we were all waiting for her:

The crowd at the restaurant (sans Mike, the photographer):

Birthday Cake time!

And finally, a shot of Mike's mom's street on Sunday Morning, showing the beautiful fall colours.

More adventures to follow... :)

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Anonymous said...

Looks like lots of fun was had by all at the party. Was that Ronald McDonald at the party and Poppi the clown also 2 clowns at one party what fun.