Sunday, November 01, 2009

We were on TV! :)

This morning we had a fun lazy pancake breakfast, and then had to rush out the door to reach 5th avenue in time to see the NYC Marathon runners go buy. So quickly in fact, that neither Claudia or I managed to dress appropriately for the warm looking, but actually quite chilly weather... oops...

But that's okay, because at least my bright blue sweater made us more visible on the tv cameras! Look, there we are, watching as Paula Radcliffe lost her lead and slowly fell back into 4th place.
If you want to see more of the coverage, watch this feed of the marathon coverage - you can see us at 2.21.24* in this video (2.09.58 is the time of the women's race clock). I think this is the closest I will ever come to being on tv for a marathon! :)

*the clock on this video is weird - even though we appear during the second hour of coverage, the timer actually says 1.21.24 when we appear.


Elizabeth said...

Where on 5th Ave were you standing? We were at 93rd street and watched them too!

Anonymous said...

Next year Mike can do the Marathon. And you can cheer him on. Ho HO