Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Wednesday Night Knitting on a Tuesday (and Ottawa part 2)

Three crazy days in NYC with Claudia seems to have affected my brain... tonight I took Claudia downtown on the subway, to go to my once-a-month Wednesday night knitting group. As we were getting off the subway, it suddenly occurred to me that today is Tuesday. And this after two days of telling her to turn right when I want to go left, and walking west when I wanted to go east. And on top of all of this, I haven't had a proper voice for 2 days! So this is where we ended up instead:
(The chicken's name is Johan. He's Claudia's friend)

Anyway. I thought I should do a quick recap of the rest of my trip to Ottawa, so that tomorrow I can start sharing some of my crazy adventures with Claudia.

I think I left off on Saturday, the night of Cindy's surprise birthday party. On Sunday morning (bright and early) Mike and I headed out to Saunder's Farm in West Ottawa, where we met up with the munchkin nephews, and Dave and Tara. So. Much. Fun! :)

Here's Owen driving the tractor
Felix on one of the many play structures:

The Farm is great... it has giant slidesand mazes...

and periscopes in those mazes, to help you find your way through...
Here's the view - the tower is at the centre of the maze
There's also a pirate ship to climb on,
And plenty of picnic tables for resting, after you've spent a long morning playing.

I spent Monday and Tuesday hanging out with Tara and the kids. We baked cookies on Tuesday - it was Halloween the following Saturday, and the boys needed cookies to take with them to their playgroup & kindergarden parties.

The first batch of cookies was made into monster cookies - chill the chocolate cookie dough, then grate it with a thick cheese grater (or a potato ricer, if you have it).Take little handfuls of the grated dough and drop it on to the cookie pan. Decorate it with sunflower seeds or nuts for teeth, and mini M&M's for eyes, and then bake the cookie. This candy bone hair piece was really cute, but it didn't survive the time in the oven!
Same went for those apple-cinnamon flavoured candy-corn fangs on the guy with the green eyes - he came out with a melted face. :(

The rest of the cookies were supposed to become skeletons - cookie men, with icing piped on for the bones. But then the boys got restless, so we let them decorate the cookies. Owen got right into it...

Felix was more interested in eating the cookies...,Emmett played supervisor, although I think he was eyeing those candies, calculating how long it will be till he gets some too! :)

Afterwards, we all sat down to watch Magic School Bus and take a much needed break.
Okay... that's all for tonight. There's still one installment of the Ottawa trip left, but that will have to wait. I need to get back to knitting now. At home, on a Tuesday. :)

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Anonymous said...

Be careful children are contagious!!!!
They certainly had a great time.