Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Frobisher's "Oh my god I love this mixer why didn't you buy me one earlier!" chocolate & peanut butter chip cookies

Frobisher has been really melancholy recently. We thought he had mono for an entire month, but it turns out he was just really bored. So when Amazon's Black Friday week sales started on Monday (its like the American version of Boxing day sales, but a month earlier) we decided to buy him a present - how convenient that what Frobisher wanted was the KitchenAid mixer that I've been obsessing over for years, and which just happened to be on sale for an amazing price! :)
It arrived today - I <3 FedEx. Frobisher just <3s the mixer! :)
To celebrate the speedy arrival, we decided to make cookies. Yummy peanut butter chip and milk chocolate chip cookies. Of course I first had to get Frobisher out of the mixer...
But then he was quite happy just to run the power switch as I added all the ingredients.
Now if only I could get Frobisher away from the cookie jar, so I can actually take one out without losing a finger in the process! :)
Maybe I'll go make muffins now and while I'm distracting Frobisher, Mike can steal away the cookies! I think it just might work...

In the meantime, Wilson and Wilma sent some photos from their own recent baking escapades - Frobisher wanted to share them with you. I think he's still a little bummed that he couldn't be there to join in the fun.

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Anonymous said...

That Frobisher, he can eat and eat lots of cookies and never gain weight. He is a true bear. But I thought he slept through the winter months.