Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Parade and (Save a) Turkey Day!

In keeping with our 'who knows how long we'll really be in New York, lets make the most of it while we can' approach, we decided that the best way to spend Thanksgiving day was to go downtown and watch the Macy's Day parade. I mean, the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade... :)

We hopped on the subway about an hour before the parade started, and soon realised that camping out at Columbus Circle (where we'd gotten off the train) was probably going to be the best place we'd find for watching the parade.
It wasn't ideal, considering we were separated from the parade by the width of a small roundabout (the circle itself), but the road the crowd around us was already densely packed, and our attempts to get across to Central Park were thwarted by the hoardes of people (For future reference, if you ever want to go to the parade, it's worth showing up at 6:30am to get a good spot!).
After the introductory Macy's Balloons, the parade begins with a turkey float, just in case you've forgotten that its Thanksgiving day.Then comes a series of marching bands, floats, and best of all, the GIANT balloons! Here's a selection of my favourite balloons, and some not so great photos of some floats. (We didn't have the greatest view of the street, so all I could really photograph were the balloons)
Spiderman was the first large balloon to appear - he was one of four new balloons that were introduced this year


The Energizer Bunny (do you know this guy over in the UK?)

Ronald McDonald on Ice Skates - another of the new 2009 balloons

Here's Shrek (appearing, I think, in honour of Shrek: the Musical, which is playing on Broadway at the moment), seen here sans zoom settings - just to give you a sense of our view. (But of course the camera does make it all seem just a little farther away than they really were)
SpongeBob Squarepants. I love the squareness of this balloon, fighting against its natural tendency towards roundness!

Buzz Lightyear


Sailor Mickey, new balloon #3

Horton and his friends, the Whos.

The giant smurf - not the best photo, sure, but look beneath him, and you can see all of the balloon handlers who are dragging him along. Each balloon has like 20-30 handlers!

Here's Mr. Pilsbury Dough Boy, cruising down Central Park West and enjoying the first appearance of the sun! :)

Super Cute Hello Kitty (their name for her, not mine!)
And finally, at the very end of the parade, Santa appears. First this Macy's tree ornament version, and then the man himself.At this point (it was about 10:30 or so), Mike and I made a bee-line for the subway station, and managed to get in, and onto a subway in only a few short minutes.... but I'm sure it became a madhouse not long after we left! We got home in time to see the tv coverage of the last bit of the parade - Times Square (42nd Street) on one channel, and a space in front of Macy's Store (34th Street) on another. Watching the TV version of the parade makes it all seem so commercial - most of the balloons has a financial reason for being there, whether its because they represent a show that gets great ratings, or because the character has a new movie or toy coming out soon. Its a little depressing really...

Fortunately, Frobisher decided to drag me off the sofa by helping me make the pie for tonight's dessert - Apple Pie à la Aunt Rolande. (No, you can't have the recipe... I had to wait 7 years before I was worthy of it!)
Mike and Frobisher helped me cut up the apples...
And here it is all baked, and waiting to be eaten!

But first we had to make the roast beast. As the saying goes: Save a Turkey - Eat a Cow! :)

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Anonymous said...

I think that apple pie belongs a guy about your age whose mother never baked him a pie. I am sure he is in desperate need of that pie. YUM YUM Maybe FedEx him one. HO HO