Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Advent Calendar Day!

It's that time of year again!
This year I have two fun advent calendars to help me count down the days till Christmas.

This yummy, chocolate-filled Peppa Pig calendar, sent to me by the lovely Claudia:
(I do find it just a little amusing that a very secular based calendar is still filled with vaguely religious themed chocolate characters! Gotta love the mass production of these calendars!)

Mmmm! Nothing like a little bite of chocolate to start your day!

I also have a fun non-gift oriented advent calendar that I've made out of Shrinkles/Shrinky Dinks plastic (the names vary by country) and a roll of magnet tape. That's the first one, there at the top, just hanging out on my fridge. Each magnet is about 1-2" tall - here's a shot of it next to my small paring knife, just for scale:
Basically, its just 25 magnets, which I'll put on the fridge one by one. Not quite as fun as a one with a gift for each new day, but I quite like it! :)

And of course, as an added bonus, the fabulous Christmas Calendar from GarnStudio is back with another month's worth of quick-knit (and crochet) goodies! Also, check out their Christmas workshop for some highlights of previous years' projects.

Don't you just love December! :)

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