Sunday, February 07, 2010

February update

Ok, so after a few different looks in the last few days, I think I've settled on this new look for the blog. The purple just really wasn't me. :)

You've also probably noticed that posts are few and far between these days. I started teaching at the end of January, and the classes keep me pretty busy. The weeks just fly by, with not much entertaining to share with you.

And what about the knitting, you may ask? Well, despite my plan to knit one sweater a month this year (I even signed up to Ravelry's Sweatshop of Love sweater-a-month group as motivation), I've kind of stalled out on just one sweater. This is how it looked about 2 weeks ago (I think they're a little blurry - sorry):


(fyi: the ribbed bit at the bottom will eventually be folded to the inside and sewn in place)

Now, that same sweater is about 6 inches shorter, and about 2 inches wider. Glenda's crappy swatching and/or maths struck again! :) Turns out my gauge was off by 3/4 of a stitch, which over the course of 266 stitches has a serious impact on the overall sizing. And no, blocking was not going to help in this case. Although I did try it, trust me! :)

So now its all be ripped out and re-knit on needles .5mm larger than specified. If this doesn't work Mike may have an appointment with either a plastic surgeon or a fast food restaurant in his near future!! :)

But now that I've got this new blog layout sorted, its back to the SuperBowl ads for me! :)
(and maybe a little more knitting...)

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Allyson said...

Oh! It was looking so good! Stick with it and hopefully you will get it back on track soon!