Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My mother has been bugging me about my recent lack of posts - especially posts with pictures of New York - so today's post is for her. :)

We're currently under a 'Blizzard Warning', due to a storm that started last night, and is supposed to last till about 6am tomorrow morning. (In case you were wondering, New York City didn't get hit with the storm that hit Washington DC on the weekend - it turned Eastward too soon).

Last night's snowfall wasn't enough to close the Uni, so we all treked in as per usual... and these are just a few photos from the park I walk through to get to work:
this is the main staircase at 120th Street

here's the path to the other staircase at 118th...

...and the top part of those other stairs.

As you can see, we only had a few inches of snow this morning... since then, the snow has been falling quite heavily (at the moment its falling sideways!), enough that they've actually decided to close school at 3pm. Yay for February Snow Days! :)

Now if only we could get a little of this weather to double back to Vancouver, so there's actually some snow for the Olympics!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the snow pictures.. And you are correct we here in Vancouver have no snow. My daffodils are up and just blooming all waiting for your visit next week. It is raining a lot today and will be raining for the opening ceremonies tomorrow night, but luckily the celebration will be inside of the Hockey Arena. We will not be at the ceremony as you had to buy on-line tickets at a price... Bye love from Mom