Sunday, March 21, 2010

Coney Island, Baby!

The last few days have brought some amazingly warm weather to New York City. After 3 days of missing out on the weather due to being stuck inside working, Mike and I decided to make the most of Saturday's warm sunny day. And what better way to do that than to hit the beach! :)

So we skipped the usual Saturday-morning lie-in, stopped at the local p√Ętisserie for breakfast croissants and coffee, and jumped on the subway.
Inside the Coney Island subway station

you can even see the rides from the station! :)

An hour and a half later, and we were presented with the bright sunny beaches of Coney Island! :)
We were a week early for the rides and games (but we knew that before we got there) - they were just starting to put the cars on the Wonder Wheel, and many of the other rides were being tested and cleaned up.
Instead, Mike and I took a long walk down to one end of the boardwalk...
then back to the middle, down to the other end, and back to the middle again.

After that 5 mile walk, we decided to take advantage of the many "restaurants" that line the centre section of the boardwalk...
mmmm! yummy corndogs! :)
a number of people were flying kites on the beach - these squid kites were great, but I think the swimmer is the best! :)
Have you seen the film Two Weeks Notice? The so-called "Coney Island Community Centre" still sits right next to the boardwalk. Of course its really an old restaurant, which was more recently used as a rollerskating rink.

As you head back toward the subway, you go past Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs.
Nathan's Hot Dogs has been on Coney Island since 1916 - and if the line was anything to go by, this place is as popular now as it was in 1916! :)

After a long day in the sun, we decided we'd better head back towards town. We'd remembered to bring the sunscreen - unlike many of the other very pink people lining the boardwalk! - but those few places (mostly on our feet) that we'd forgotten were starting to make themselves known. So we hopped the train back to Brooklyn, and capped of a great day with a couple of really yummy margaritas! :)
I highly recommend a trip out to Coney Island - and maybe if you go when the rides are open, you'll have as much fun as these people!


Tricia said...

Hi Glenda, Enjoyed your story and lovely pix of Coney's first day of spring! I work in Coney Island and can't believe it all starts up again in just 6 days. See you on the Boardwalk...

Anonymous said...

Coney Island brings back memories when my friend worked on Coney Island for the Carny people, and I stayed with her for about a week. That was in 1965. Not even the Twin towers existed in that year.
Love from Mom