Monday, March 22, 2010


I love getting parcels in the mail. Apparently, the mice love my parcels too...
(images have been altered to conceal addresses) (ETA: how wierd that the mice chose to chew into the two places where extra messages were written!)

USPS, you suck! I appreciate that this had to come all the way from England, but that doesn't mean you get to leave my parcel in a place that's infested with mice!!
There's no way this much damage was caused by some quickly passing mouse! And the customs tag was clearly labelled 'Chocolate' - shouldn't that count for something?!
Fortunately, only a few pieces of chocolate were touched, and the holes don't seem big enough for a mouse to have actually been inside the parcel, but I'm waiting to hear how much responsibility USPS is willing to take for this before I eat any of it.... I'll also have to find out from the sender if anything has gone missing from inside. In the meantime, consider sealing all your chocolates in ziploc bags before trusting them to USPS!!

ps: I have filed a complaint with USPS, and they said that someone will contact me about this by Wednesday. I'll let you know what they have to say if when they get back to me.


David Macknet said...

It's probably USPS, because I'd have expected someone on the intake side of things to have bagged it & flagged it as having been received that way, if it'd happened in transit or in the UK.

That said, we can't stand the level of service given by the Royal Mail in Glasgow. Not only do they routinely misdeliver things, but they've been known to leave things sitting in the rain (T. received a box of first-run printings of one of her novels and they were soaked through so badly the ink had bled into the pages from the spine).


Hope somebody resolves this to your satisfaction!

Anonymous said...

Your packages were checked by customs. They always are checking for drugs. I have a friend who sent a cake and a box of chocolates and they all had bits taken out of them checking for drugs. It was all done by Customs. And if it is customs who did the damage you will not be given any replacements.

Glenda said...

No, there's no way this was customs - customs would just cut it open properly and then re-seal it. These holes are too uneven and 'chewed' looking - its gotta be from a mouse or a rat!

Tiffany said...

Ewww!! Yet another reason to hate rodents.

Elizabeth said...

OMG!! Seriously freaking out reading this! YUCK!!