Thursday, May 27, 2010

directionally challenged crochet (an FO)

Crochet is my new favourite way to use up my insanely large yarn stash. Especially those teeny little bits of yarn that I insist on keeping, despite the fact that some people (Jo, this means you!) make fun of me for keeping them. :)
My most recent creation is this little guy, Curtis the Caterpillar, a pattern from the Lion Brand collection.

Only problem is, I think I'm crocheting backwards...
So my question for all you experienced crocheters is this: when you are crocheting around in a circle, are you supposed to be turning the work in a counter-clockwise direction, or a clockwise direction? I turn it counter-clockwise, and as a result, I'm pretty sure this guy is technically inside-out! :)
But then I guess this shouldn't be that much of a surprise - when I knit in the round, I usually do that inside out as well! :)


RooKnits said...

Counter clockwise for me too - but with crochet it wouldn't really matter which side was inside and which was outside as it looks fairly similar anyway.
Lovely caterpillar.

The Knit Nurse said...

I turn the work clockwise and so my stitches go round in a counter-clockwise spiral. It only matters when you start getting fancy with your stitches. This little guy looks cute.

I keep all the tiny bits of left over yarn too. They do come in useful.