Tuesday, May 25, 2010

FO: Squidgy Squares with Frills

Mike's cousin Rick and his wife Kathy (would that make them my cousins-in-law?) had a little baby boy in March. As usual, a new baby in the family means a new blanket on my needles!
The design for this one came about rather randomly... To start with, I had 9 colours of this cotton-ease yarn, in varying amounts. I wanted something portable, so I could easily take it to the Olympics, and work on it during the bus trips to Whistler and Cypress Mountains.
Individual squares were the perfect solution - so I took the colour of which I had the least amount, and knit until I ran out of yarn... one false start later, and I had the perfect size - 46 stitches, by 46 garter ridges. Repeat this 8 more times, stitch 'em all together (with alternating ridge directions, just for kicks), and voilĂ ! A baby blanket in need of a border...

That too was a little random. I couldn't find anything good online, so I went to Knitty City here in NYC (love that store!) and started flipping through their collection of edging books until I found the one I wanted... turns out its the same frill used on the Mrs. Beeton handwarmers, but worked in the opposite direction.* Doesn't it just make the perfect blanket edging! :)
The backing fabric was sewn on by hand, which makes for a neater transition from backing to frill. I also fudged a bit of "quilting" around the edges of the orange (centre) square, just to hold it all together... if you've been paying attention the last few years, you'll recognize the fabric from the blanket I made for Felix several years ago. I think its good for 2nd cousins to have things in common, don't you? :)

Add one baby Joshua, and you have a perfect blanket!

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Gorgeous! I just posted a reply to your question about English piecing on Purlpower btw.