Friday, May 21, 2010

Frobisher got yarn! :)

Frobisher got a parcel in the mail on Monday, and I've been trying to blog about it all week, but he was being mean and wouldn't let me see what he got until just last night. Turns out he'd also commandeered a parcel meant for me! (I think he's still mad at me for taking him to Vancouver last week, but not taking him out to the Blarney Stone Pub every night!)

Anyway, once he saw the camera, Frobs was more than happy to hog the limelight pose for me.
So here's the outside of the parcel - its from Wilma, who thinks its about time Frobisher learned how to knit so he can make himself a new sweater!
And here are the goodies that were inside! Mini 10 gram skeins of yarn, just perfect for Frobisher! I think I will teach him to knit this weekend (although first I think we need to do something about that eye of his!).

On a side note, this Nako yarn company is really interesting... they're Turkish, but rumour has it that they manufacture yarns for Lion Brand as well - which is perhaps how LB yarns can be so inexpensive! They also use similar advertising, apparently:
This is LB Vanna's Choice yarn on the left (featuring the lovely Vanna White, letter turner on the Wheel of Fortune game show), and Nako's Derya'nin Tercihi Pirlanta (Diamond) yarn on the right (Derya Bakal is apparently a film/theatre/tv star from Turkey). Same style photo, similar looks to the women, and even the same font on the labels. Weird, huh? :)

The parcel for me was also full of yarn:
Two skeins of fun multi-coloured wool yarn (which claims to be superwash, even though most of the projects on Ravelry that use this yarn are felting projects!)

and one of this lovely blue laceweight yarn. Guess I'd better brush up on my lace knitting, so I can put this to good use!

Thanks Claudia and Wilma! :)

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