Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to the Wet Coast!

So it's official - we've moved! This is where I live now:
The movers came last Wednesday, and in about 8 hours two guys packed all our things into boxes. Disturbing, really, seeing as it took Mike and I more than 2 weeks to pack up last time!
On Thursday they brought along a third guy, and between them they took about 7 hours to wrap all our furniture in blankets and then move everything out of the flat and into their truck. Leaving me with just enough time to clean up, hop a cab, and then climb into a plane. And that that was it - I'd left New York for good! :(

I made it to Vancouver on Friday morning, after a brief, and very unexpected sleepover in Toronto (which was at least paid for by Air Canada). Since then, I've just been hanging with the 'rents*, enjoying the perks of being at home again...
like having Daddy make you waffles on Sunday morning, using the Frankenstein waffle machine that we've had since I was little (and which will soon be making its way over to our new place, in case anyone wants to come over for brunch!). :)

*Mike is still on the East Coast, doing stuff for work.



wow, you're so cosmo. Send me your new address won't you please?

Elizabeth said...

We miss you already in NYC!

David T. Macknet said...

Beautiful! Looks like a model, or Disneyland, from the picture. :)