Friday, August 13, 2010


With all the fresh, locally produced fruit and veg that's available at this time of year, its hard not to go a little overboard at the produce markets. What's a girl to do with all the extra fruit and veg?
Bake, of course!

This yummy carrot cake was last night's successful attempt to use up some extra carrots. (Not so successful: using my too-small, not very sharp $15 food processor to grate the carrots and breaking part of it in the process!)
As I was taking the photos this morning, a cake monster snuck in and stole a piece and then escaped on his bicycle. I think I'll have to keep an ear out for the sound of bicycle cleats when photographing cakes in the future! ;)

PS: I am not the Little Red Hen. Who will help me eat the cake? :)

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