Monday, August 09, 2010

Augustus Fish

Do you remember my friend Stanley? Ever since he chose to leap to a carpety demise, we have been wanting to bring another watery friend into our home. But with our schedule of moving house every year or so, it wasn't very realistic. Until now, that is!
Meet Augustus Fish, our new pisciform friend! He moved in on Saturday, and will hopefully be with us for a good long while! :)

ETA: I just realised that Augustus has come to live with us in August... but Gus assures me that his name has nothing to do with that fact! :)


David T. Macknet said...

A truly beautiful fish! Congratulations!

Some of our university professors used to keep a kind of fish which would routinely leap out of the tank, and they'd find little, dried-out fish bodies. Until they got a better lid for the tank.

glittrgirl said...

He is gorgeous!