Wednesday, August 04, 2010


I'm not usually one to feature recipes on the blog, but this one was so good that I decided I couldn't not share it! :)

We had picked up some fresh BC ling cod* at one of the local fish markets on the weekend (I so love living next to the ocean again!), and when it came time to cook it yesterday, I thought I'd attempt a version of the cod-based dish that we often get at our favourite Cantonese restaurant here in Vancouver. A little internet searching later (all done during the 40-minutes I had to spend on the phone in order to book flights with travel points!), and voila - Cod in Black Bean Sauce that actually tastes as good as it does in the restaurant!
(hmm, on second thought, this picture doesn't make it look nearly as appetizing as it really is!) :)

The recipe is from the UK's Good Food Channel. I won't re-type it here because I pretty much followed the directions as-written, aside from leaving out the bamboo shoots and celery, and replacing them with green pepper. Mike and I love black bean sauce, and I've tried various pre-mixed, or powder variations in the past - but none of them have been even half as good as this from-scratch version (which I suppose should be as expected, yet isn't always true with me and Asian food recipes). Look for the salted/fermented black beans at a Chinese grocery - they come in smallish bags and aren't very expensive - my 227g bag set me back a whopping $1.09, and given that you only need a few spoonfuls at a time, I figure it should last me a while... but then again, the fish store is just down the street, and I do have to make dinner again in a few hours.... ;)

Bon Appetit!

*Interesting fact I just found out... Ling Cod isn't actually a species of Cod Fish. No wonder I like it so much better than regular cod! :)

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