Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Bet you thought I had forgotten that this was supposed to be a knitting blog! :) I have actually been knitting like mad all fall, but most of my projects have to remain hidden until the projects are finished, and have arrived safely with their new owners. But today, there are some projects that need revealing!

Over the summer, a friend of mine commissioned some kiddie sweaters and hats from me, for her darling little girl (she's about 15 months, for reference)... Some colour suggestions were made, but otherwise it was all up to me to design them. And here are the final results:
This set started as a suggestion that teal would look lovely on the wee one, and that maybe a little pink could be thrown in to make it more girly.
A basic raglan design, plus a daisy stitch band in the middle, teal ribbons to give some structure to the button bands, and voila, one cute little sweater! The hat is a basic toque, with earflaps added to keep wee one's head warm.

The second sweater is really more of a coat - my thought was a sort of matinee length coat, that could be worn over a little dress, or over trousers and a tunic top. Then I found some fun clasps in the sewing store, and my idea was ready:

This photo is a little dark, so here's a close up of the upper body:
(On second thought, that one's not a great deal better either - its been really wet and grey here recently,
which makes photography a little difficult!)

The hem, cuffs, and stand up collar are all picot-edged, so I carried that theme into the bonnet as well.
I'm hoping it will keep the little one's head warm, without looking like too much of a helmet! :)

Details are all on Ravelry, if your interested.


Tiffany said...

Beeeeauteous! Lucky little ones.

Enid said...

great designs, and colours