Sunday, December 05, 2010

What did you do this weekend?

Winter came early to Vancouver this year, bringing with it lots of snow for the mountains. On Saturday, Mike and I took advantage of the early season skiing, and headed up to Whistler for a day on the slopes.
It was a beautiful sunny day, not too crowded, with fantastic soft-packed (and sometimes not-so packed) snow in most places. The more adventurous skiiers were able to make fresh tracks in some areas, but it also came at the risk of hitting a couple of rocks along the way (it being early season and all). Mike and I both have relatively new gear, so we opted to save the ski edges and stay on the more groomed runs.

I forgot my camera, so these are just a few silly pics I shot with my phone. The saturated colors and fun borders are thanks to the Retro Camera app. :)
Here's Mike, chillin' in the Roundhouse.

Lift line at the Harmony Express Chair!
(This lift has an added bonus - a group of Whiskey Jacks live nearby, and they like to fly around the lift line looking for handouts. If you hold your ski pole (or your hand) up high, they'll come land on it and say hello!)

This is the inukshuk at the top of Whistler Peak.... he looks a little colder than the last time we saw him. (but not quite as cold as when we visited him a few winters ago) :)

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