Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recovery Never Tasted So Good!*

Mmmm, Froot Loops - Breakfast of champions.  Or in my case, injured wanna-be champions.

I don't think I mentioned it before, but last weekend Mike and I headed up to the interior of BC for what was supposed to have been a week-long ski vacation at Big White and Silver Star Mountains...   It was great in the beginning - we had excellent driving conditions on Saturday (the highway goes through two mountain passes of 4068ft/1240m and 5760ft/1728m, and is know to have winter storms even as late as April or May), and Sunday morning had great weather, with the promise of 30cm of fresh powder by Monday morning.   And then what appears to be my current streak of bad luck took effect....

My thanks to the lovely Ski Patrol guys who dragged me down the mountain (and I do mean the whole mountain, since I was at the very top) after I had a very stupid fall.  I didn't think it was all that much at the time, but unfortunately I managed to tear the ACL in my right knee - which means no more skiing for me until after I can get it repaired (so, next season, basically)!  :(

So now I'm back at home recovering, forced to sit on the sofa all day as I wait for the swelling to go down, and all my necessary doctor visits to be scheduled.  At least I have knitting to keep me entertained! :)   And to be honest, its not all that bad - I'm not in pain, I can still walk around (albeit a little slowly), and I should be (almost) back to normal before too long.  In the meantime, I think this is a great excuse for a little pampering... anyone know a good masseuse?  ;)

*So says the advert for Neilson's Chocolate Milk that is printed on the side of my skim milk carton.... the idea being that chocolate milk is an ideal post-workout drink, what with it being made of 1% (semi-skimmed) milk, and containing added omega-3 fatty acids.  Do you think 'post-workout' could be extended to include post-physio workout?  ;)


Tiffany said...

Oh no! I jinxed you. Sounds like the best excuse for knitting with your feet up.
And if you're serious about that masseuse, I've got a name for you -- Teresa, at Soma Studio, off Granville. She's fantastic. I'm not sure if she's ever healed an ACL outright, but she can do wonders on just about everything.

Glenda said...

How did you jinx me? I don't remember that! :)

The masseuse can't do anything for my knee - but its the rest of my body I need help with. Who knew that walking with a limp could cramp up all the rest of your body so quickly?!

Dave Delage said...

I remember having to take the chair lift 'down' after being coexed into some crazy jump near the top of blackcomb by a fellow skier I who for privacy reasons I will only refer to as Smichael.

Funny coincidence, Smichael is also my referral for masseuse, or at least pampering.

And, having gone through an ACL, I know that from a purely medical standpoint, your good to go with chocolate milk.

PS: best of luck with recovery.

PPS: Smichael will have a completely different recollection of blackcomb, he is not to be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Indeed - not a few weeks ago I pointed out to Glenda "lemmings leap" at Blackcomb where my little brother insisted on going first... no coexing (spell much?) involved. :)

Despite bruised shins he was still skiing the next day...

As for pampering, recovery is a long road... I'm sure Glenda can tough it out as long as she's not too pampered.



The only upside to my terrible ankle break a couple of years ago was that I could sit and knit. I made one of my best 'pieces' to date; the print o the waves stole by Eunny Jang. In hospital I was next to an old lady who had broken her ankle AND her wrist and it made me so thankful that I hadn't broken anything that could prevent me knitting. Rest, recuperate, relax and be gentle on your limbs. In time you will feel better and recover but don't hurry it. That's my two penneth. Hugs. Hx