Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Elizabeth and Brian came out to visit us from New York last week.  After a few days of wandering in the city (well, them wandering, me sitting at home, and Mike at work!) we headed up to Whistler for a long weekend of skiing.  Elizabeth, Brian, and Mike skiied on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday Elizabeth and I left the boys to the hill and headed off to Le Spa Scandinave for an afternoon of relaxation.  I think Elizabeth was quite happy to take the day off from skiing - I think she found the ski runs to be just a little daunting!  :)
One of the hotels in Whistler Village, with a view of Blackcomb Mountain in behind
While the others skiied, I took a wander around the village - I even found some soap that smells like minty chocolate!  :)
Blackcomb as seen from the Village Plaza - you can see the Olympic rings on the right, next to the Whistler Brew Pub.  
On Sunday afternoon, we finally gave in and took Frobisher out on the town, to experience a little of the apres-ski lifestyle.  Here he is with his inaugural pint of Granville Island Honey Lager.
Shortly after this, we had to cut him off, pull him down from dancing on the tables, and force him to apologize for trying to steal their menu!

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