Wednesday, May 18, 2011

And so it goes...

I've really not been keeping this blog up recently, have I?  Things just keep trucking along as usual, and there doesn't seem to much that is blog-worthy among it.  But let's see if I can catch you up a little...

My ski injury turned out to be less well, different than originally expected - the ACL didn't tear at all, but was stretched out enough to make it pretty loose (hence the initial misdiagnosis!).  After an MRI, it was revealed that the force of the fall managed to bang all my leg bones together, causing significant bruising on the tops of my fibula and tibia (and a little on the femur too, if I remember right).  The plus side of this is that i won't need surgery.  The (slight) downside is that bruised bones can take 6 or more months to heal!  But I can still walk and stay fairly active (as long as its all low-impact!), so really its not all that bad.  For now I'm just looking forward to 'graduating' to once-a-week physio!

There has also been loads of knitting going on (as usual) - but only a couple of UFOs:
I made this little guy for Max for Easter (obviously), because you're never too young for a visit from the Easter Bunny.  Last I heard, he was clinging desperately to his ears as Max happily flung him around.  Frobisher assures me that he'll let me know as soon as he gets the SOS text, notifying us of an ear-ectomy!
Amidst all the swatching, I managed to sneak in this little cardigan for me - I made it out of the Teeswater wool I bought at Woolfest back in 2008.  I was hoping it would use more of the 490g, but I still have just over 160g left.  I thought about making it into a little baby garment of some kind, but its a little on the itchy side.  (I think its back to the Ravelry pattern search for this one...).

On Saturday we head to San Francisco (and area) for a little over a week - I promise I'll have much more interesting news to share when I get back...  for now, I have to go watch the end of the  replay on the goal that the Canucks just scored against San Jose!  Go Canucks!  :)


lauren said...

I thought you might get a kick out of this Regretsy post:

Bluenana said...

I've been reading both your blogs regularly for a while and I figured it was time for a comment. (I hope you remember me. It's Connie!)

I didn't know that one could bruise bones. Sounds painful! I hope you heal soon.

The abalone is beautiful. I hope you'll post a photo of you wearing it.

P.S. That regretsy post is HILARIOUS.