Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Down came the rain...

Why do the little beasties only visit when I'm home alone?  This creepy guy was waiting for me in the bathtub this morning.  Not what I want to see when I'm still half asleep and still aren't sure that I'm quite ready to stay out of bed (my alarm hasn't even gone off yet!).  He's one of those wolf spiders that crawl up through the drains - we often used to find them in the bar sink in the basement when we were kids.  Ok, so maybe they are mostly harmless - but they're also huge and they run really fast! :-(

While I admire this guy's skill at climing up several flights of drain to get into my flat (reason #682 that I prefer not to live in basements), I'm afraid I was forced to go get a cup of "rain" from the tap, and use it to wash him right back down again.  And when the sun comes out to dry up all that rain (or now that I have turned off the shower, as the case may be), the drain plug will be there to stop him from climbing up my drain again!

Goodbye little Spider Guy!

(PS: if this post shows up a second time, blame the crappy blogger mobile system.  I can't get my blogger app to post pics, and even though I tried emailing this post to the blog this morning, it still hasn't appeared almost 12 hours later!  Seriously, why offer the services if they aren't even going to work?!)

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