Sunday, March 25, 2012

Not Quite Spring Skiing

I've installed the blogger app on my phone to see if this encourages me to blog more often.  In theory, it should - I take most of my day to day photos on the phone anyway (especially since the recent drowning of my camera as it sat in my pocket on a very wet ski day at Mt. Baker!) so it seems logical to simply post directly from the phone as well.  The problem, however, is that I don't always want to take time out of my current activity to sit down and type out a post.  Its like those people you see in an art gallery who are running around taking photos of the paintings instead of just enjoying them for the masterpieces that they are.
Anyway, we're on our way home from our impromptu weekend away, so maybe you could argue that blogging from the car is a good use of my time. ;-)

Stopping for another layer of wax - not that it helped, given how wet the snow was today 

Lunch at Madely Lake
More road than cross-country ski track
I just wanted to share my pics from our day of cross country skiing at the Whistler Olympic Park (we skiied at Whistler yesterday, but didn't take any photos).  Its pretty up there, but its definitely better suited for skate skiing rather than classic style cross country.  I miss those narrow, twisty little black runs that wind through the trees out in Gatineau Park (near Ottawa).  Out here the trails are wide roads (perfect for skate skiing, not so nice for classic) and the difficulty ratings seem only to relate to the steepness of the hills you'll be climbing.  Makes for a good day, but somehow its not quite as nice.  But then again, maybe its just time to invest in a new set of gear! ;-) 

**Edited to actually add the photos... turns out my camera pics are too much for the app to upload.  Stupid technology!**

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