Sunday, August 28, 2005

Free Tickets to the Rolling Stones Concert

You know a concert is loud when you live a kilometre away from the stadium and the music sounds so clear that it's competing with movie we're watching on television! but then again, this is the Rolling Stones concert we're talking about, so I guess I shouldn't be complaining - some of those people paid more than $300 for a seat, and I'm getting to hear it for free!

I went to check out a yarn store in Ottawa on Friday, and was very much impressed. Wool n' Things must have been between stock orders or something last time I was there (several months ago) because this time they had about 3 times the amount of stock - wide selection of Noro, Rowan, and Berocco, among others, and fairly reasonable prices. So now I have to work even harder to resist buying yarn for a new project! But no, I must wait until I move to England!!

I finished felting my swatches on Friday, and have since managed to knit up and felt the hello yarn mini tote, sans skull and crossbones. I will post pics tomorrow when its a little closer to being dry, and share a few thoughts about felting with that mini washing machine I mentioned. It does work, but it just takes a lot more time than I expected.

Now that the tote is finished, I am swatching for
Grumperina's Tivoli t-shirt. Contrary to many of the comments by others who have made this little wonder, I am going to try it in the not-very-summery wool/acrylic blend by Pingouin that's been sitting in my stash for about 3 years - almost as long as I've been knitting! I figure that even though its a summer-styled top, a slightly warmer version should work well on those fall days that are pretty cool in the morning, but get warmer in the afternoon. But first I have to make sure I can get gague!

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Shamrock said...

Hi Glenda,

Gavin is with me and he got me through the horrible maze to be able to talk to you in your comment box. But I will tell you you will never get anyone talking to you as they have such a maze to eventually get there. Nice talking to yu tonight. I will call you again on Monday evening. I work a full day on Monday. Bye love from Mom