Thursday, August 25, 2005

Photo from a bridge

Look! they're building the stage for the Rolling Stones concert this Sunday! not that I'm going or anything, but its still fun to see them build it. In the background, behind the football stand, you can see the rides from the midway at the Super X, Ottawa's answer to Toronto's CNE and Vancouver's PNE. Its only about a third the size, of course, but just as expensive. (Excuse the quality of the pic, by the way, one can only do so much with a Camera Phone)

Today was my last day of work for the summer... hurray, its summer vacation! Its odd reading everyone's blogs about going back to school already... here in Canada Uni starts after labour day, and for me, going to England, it doesn't start until the 26th of September. Which leaves me with just over 3 weeks to reduce 3 years' worth of stuff down to only 3 suitcases. Hmmm.... seems to be a lot of 3's there... 'cause its also a 3 year program. maybe that should be my new lucky number.

On the knitting front, I have made a swatch of half Bulky Lopi, half non-specific lett lopi-esque yarn... and now I am searching the web for instructions on how to felt it by hand... we don't have our own washing machine, and the last thing I want to be doing is shelling out $1.50 per load just to felt a little mini tote. So I am going to try and use my mini washing machine to do the same thing. I'm a little concerned that it won't give enough friction, but maybe if I wash it with Jeans in one load and then a towel in the next one. Except of course for the part about washing my jeans in hot water. can't have them shrinking too much, after all! :)

I think I will use my first day off tomorrow to try and felt my swatch, and then go and check out some new-to-me wool stores in the area... what a perfect way to spend the day! Aside from spending the whole day on an ocean beach, that is!

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