Wednesday, August 17, 2005

just stuff

okay, so I realize that posting something that I found on someone else's blog isn't really polite blogging, but this is just too funny not to mention... check out this study that NASA did about toxicity and spiders... I don't know about you, but I rather like that random looking spider web. Who wants to be normal all the time anyway? :)

speaking of not normal things, I found this little guy online today:
Well, I guess I should say this little girl, cause she's actually called Glenda... who knew my namesake was a little white rabbit from Plan 9... so I guess she must be from outer space too, since the movie was called Plan 9 from Outer Space
. Oh Mystery Science Theatre 3000... those were the good days of TV...

so as you can probably tell, things are a little slow... that knitting entry the other day has inspired me to pick up the needles again - especially now that the oppressive heat is gone and the overly-cranked a/c in the office is forcing me to pull out all my lightweight cardigans and shrugs. Now's the time that I start wishing (again!) that I'd finished that Shimmer shrug from Knitty's winter 2003 issue... mind you, I only just bought the wool for it last winter, so it hasn't been sitting on my needles that long... but the burgundy Paton's Brilliant that I'm using is more X-masy anyway, so I'm sure my new little project can get finished before that.

What is this project you ask? You'll have to wait and see....

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