Friday, August 11, 2006

My now slightly greener thumb!

Look at my pretty tomatoes! fresh picked this afternoon too! yay!

i'm excited about these because its the first thing that has successfully come out of my garden this summer. but they only make my thumb a little bit green because technically, miniature green versions of these same tomatoes were already on the plants when I bought them - all I did was plant them in the ground, and keep them alive for a month and a half... but trust me, considering my usually black thumb, this is a big step forward! the real test will be to see if the rest of the tomatoes that are on the plants actually survive long enough to turn red and become edible - cause those ones didn't even exist when I bought the plants! :)

At the moment our garden also has a very sad looking mint plant that our nieghbour took from his garden to transplant into ours (its taking, but just barely), 2 still very short sunflower plants, and a chinese hibiscus that we've had inside for several years but cut down really short this summer, right before we put it outside. Its doing really well now, for leaves at least, but I have yet to see any signs that it will flower again. I also tried to plant a herb garden, but all we have at the moment are the very beginnings of a basil and dill forest - the squirrels ate all but one of my original basil plants, so most of the ones there now are just barely more than an inch tall... the rest of my herb garden, the mint, rosemary, and chives, never even grew, which is why my thumb was beginning to look a little black. But now the tomatoes have proven that im not as jinxed as i thought... so maybe my pumkin plants will produce jack 'o lanterns after all! :)

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