Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh Canada Post

So last week I ordered a fun new knitting accessory (more on that at a later date) from a shop in Calgary, Alberta, some 3.5 provinces and 3553 km away from Ottawa. They mailed it, via Canada Post, on Friday. On Saturday, Glitrgirl kindly mailed me (via Royal Mail) a parcel from Newcastle, some 2 provinces, an ocean, and 5118 km away. So guess which one got here first (ie: yesterday)? Oh, Canada Post, how we love your interminable slowness... :)

Thanks for mailing that parcel Glitrgirl, I will be watching that final episode of Dr. Who just as soon as I can talk my way into spending an evening with Mike's mom and her British-regioned VCR! :)

anyway... since, I haven't any knitting or other craftiness to share with you today, I've decided to play "show and tell" instead. Nothing like reverting to childhood in the hot days of summer... :)

this is the (slightly overexposed) flower garden that Mike and I put in our front yard when I was here back in May - it used to be a patch of grass between the path to the front door (which badly needs weeding) and the wall beside our driveway...

these are my zucchini (courgette) plants that live in the backyard. look real close at the base of the plant and you can see the first baby zucchini just starting to grow... (it's half-hidden behind a leaf, but its there). I just hope that more appear, and that they grow fast, cause otherwise I won't be here long enough to put them to use!

This is one of my green-beany plants... mmm... I love green beans. I planted several plants, but only 3 survived, so now we get about 8 beans at time... not quite enough for green bean casserole, so I guess its a good thing we don't live in the mid-west! (somehow I have always associated casseroles with people in the Mid-West of America... not that there is any good reason for me to make this association, I just do) :)

Here's our dinner from last night... I love summer because it makes Mike want to barbeque, which means that HE gets to do all the cooking! :) This was chicken made with this really yummy, locally made "Miss Nunavut" hot sauce we bought at the local farmer's market last year.

And now, my find of the week, this fab yellow laptop bag, which I got at Winners (a store like T.K. (or T.J. in the US) Maxx) for about $30... Normally, this thing sells for US$80 (plus shipping to Canada!) and everytime I've seen it, I've been so tempted to shell out the money... so imagine my surprise to see it at Winners for so little (although it does make me question who their suppliers are!). This little robot man, all the way from, will soon be adorning this bag, although I'm still not sure where he wants to be on it... he was supposed to live on Mike's laptop case, but he apparently didn't look professional enough to pass muster with the VC's. Alas, poor robot man. But at least now he'll get to travel to the glamorous land of Newcastle! :)

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Ellen said...

(Pssst... If you don't get a go at the British-regioned VCR in the next two weeks, I can bring the last episode of Doctor Who with me when I come up there.)