Sunday, February 27, 2011

Max's Christening

My nephew Max was christened today, which means I finally get to show you some finished objects from last fall!
 They christened him Maximilian Constantine Alexander McDonald.   I think my Brother and Sister in Law expect great things from this little guy! :)
The happy family, post-ceremony

So you've probably guessed that the finished objects I wanted to share were the various parts of this christening set - the gown, bonnet, booties, and matching shawl.

Here are a few close-ups, so you can see it in more detail:

For the dress and bonnet, I used a pattern from the GarnStudio site, but I had to recalculate the numbers a bit to match the DK weight yarn I was using.  I aimed for the 6-9 month size, which worked out well given that Max is now 6 months old.

Initially, my plan was to make only this christening shawl, assuming that Dominika would have a family gown that she wanted to use.  But then when she asked me to make the dress as well, I made sure to use match yarns to make it a complete set.  (The shawl is made from JaegerSpun's Wool-Silk Zephyr lace weight, and the gown is their Zephyr DK weight).
 These are the booties, which you can't actually see in any of the photos.

To round out the gift, I found an acid-free textile storage box, with acid-free tissue paper, so the whole set can be stored safely for future use.  It was a bit of an extravagant extra, but I figured it was worth it for 5 months of work!  :)


Anonymous said...

The Baptism outfit was absolutely outstanding. Everyone raved about it, and said you certainly deserve a lot of praise for such a beautiful outfit..Your time and effort were much appreciated by all who saw it.
Congratulations Glenda...

P'cess said...

It looks gorgeous on him!

Tiffany said...