Thursday, March 03, 2011

sizing issues

I have a number of store-bought sweater (mostly cotton, interestingly enough) which, whenever I wear them, people ask me if they are handmade.  I also have a collection of sweaters that I did make, but which I almost never wear.  One I like, but the alpaca yarn its made from is too itchy.  Another is cute enough, but makes me look a little frumpy because its too boxy, and makes me look short and wide.  A third one, a wrap sweater, is too short in the body, and rides up higher than I'd like it to - and its also too boxy, and not very flattering when worn.  I can think of a number of others as well, but they've already been relegated to the frog pond, to be made into something (hopefully) much more wearable.

Anyway, the point of this ramble is to remind myself of my innate ability to look at a picture of a sweater I like, completely ignore the size and/or body shape of the model, and then convince myself that if only I were to make that sweater (exactly as written, no less) it would fit me perfectly, and look just as good on me as it does on the model.  Even when the model is waif-like, super tall, and very long in the torso (all of which I am not, clearly!).

And now that I have reminded myself of this fact, I will return to my regularly scheduled allotment of knitting - none of which includes a sweater for me.  I just thought this would be a useful reminder to myself as I start to search out my next set of projects, which (I am determined!) will include something for me!  :)

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